Glasa Morie Glass Pumped-Storage Hydro Scheme

A site in Scotland to build a new pumped-storage hydroelectricity scheme.
UPPER RESERVOIR: Loch Glasa (GPHA: n57_w005_RES22738, 57.76933°N, 4.63223°W)
LOWER RESERVOIRS: (1) Loch Morie, (2) Loch Glass


Glasa Morie Glass contour map – click for a high resolution image
Photograph: The upper glen of the River Glasa, (Abhainn na Glasa) where a new dam could impound a new “Loch Glasa” upper reservoir.
Easter Ross, the Scottish Highlands.


Download Glasa Morie Glass PSH 170 GWh Spreadsheet

Conflicting project: The 4MW Glasa hydro scheme proposed by Innogy Renewables UK.

Simple. 😎

Read in my blog post “Search for sites to build new pumped-storage hydroelectricity schemes” how I have the Global pumped hydro atlas to thank for inspiring this my latest hydro-scheme proposal! 🙂

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