Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland


One thought on “About”

  1. Actually, please strictly don’t post routine questions / comments here but rather under what you assume to be the most appropriate post where it may be approved for publication.

    Attempting to leave a reply on this “About” page will only send a private message (PM) to Scottish Scientist which is not recommended so such PMs should include an explanation as to why a PM was thought to be necessary – for example, to offer an investment in my renewable energy projects in excess of £1 billion or to offer to appoint me as a director of a national or multinational renewable energy programme. Certain PMs I would welcome, clearly, but otherwise please comment for publication under one of the posts. Don’t worry if you choose a post which is not the ideal post. What’s the worst that can happen? I might delete your comment or move it to another post or reply to it robustly. Don’t worry about posting bravely – just don’t PM me with trivia looking for a private one-on-one tutorial, is all. Thanks.


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