South America – GREAT for Renewable Energy

South America – a continent blessed by exceptional natural renewable energy resources


Put Lake Titicaca for pumped-storage together with the Atacama Desert for solar PV, Patagonia for wind power and the Amazonian etc rainforests for biomass and conventional hydroelectricity and South America would seem to be blessed by natural renewable resources (and therefore riches) which are second to none in the world.

If South America can get their political act together and link those renewable energy assets up, they could supply the world energy market very profitably.

It would be easy enough to make synthetic fuels from South American renewable energy and ship them all over the world.

It would even be possible – now hold onto your hat – to run a 6,000 mile long distance power transmission cable from Lake Titicaca (as the obvious central hub for South America’s renewable energy distribution network) to Europe

The total distance between Lake Titicaca and Azores is 7,506.32 km (4,664.21 mi)

(the Azores would be a good hub point for Europe and that’s only 4,600 miles to Lake Titicaca) which would mean that the mid-day summer sun in the Atacama Desert could generate electricity that could be transmitted to Europe to heat up people’s homes at about 4.30 pm, just in time for them coming home from work of a winter’s evening.

It’s all too good to be true, but there it is – opportunity staring us all in the face!

Someone really ought to get on to the European Central Bank, the World Bank and the IMF and tell them that there is this really smart energy scientist from Scotland who has a lot of really great investment proposals that the world’s banks ought to be investing in!

Or just appoint me governor of one of those big world banks and I’ll do the investing myself!

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